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  The Origins of "Eggbuckland"

The recording of the name Eggbuckland has had many spelling derivations over the years, below is a chronological list of the formation of the name:

Date Name Change:
1086 Domesday Book; "Bocheland, estate owned by Judhel", Held by deed by the Saxon Lord Heche (Heccha) in the time of Edward the Confessor.
It was subsequently known as Heche's Bookland (ie. land held by deed or charter). The earliest spelling being Heckebokelonde.
1248 The patronage of the Church (Heckebokel) was in the gift of the Prior of Plympton.
1297 In the Patent Roll of Edward I, the spelling became Ekebukelonde.
1318 When a new vicar was instituted the name changed to Eckebocklaunde.
1335 The Bishop of Exeter referred to the Church as Eckebokelonde.
1363 It then became Eckeboklande ...
1385 Ekebokland ...
1442 Ekkebokelonde ...
1495 Eggebokelonde ...
1518 Eggbuklond ...
1536 Eggebocklonde ...
1556 Egbuckeland.
1557 The Bishop's Register contained the erroneous spelling Estbucklond. This eventually led to the division of the name into two words!
1581 The name reverted to the old spelling of Eckbuckland.
1584 On a map in connection with the Water Act (to supply Plymouth with water from Dartmoor by means of a leat) it is spelt Hickbocklade.
c.1600 It changed to Estbucklande.
1653 The name is spelt Egbuckland.
1685 The present form Eggbuckland can be found.
1704 The Registered entry for the parish was East Buckland alias Egg Buckland.
1743 Egg Buckland was used.
1768-1905 Correctly recorded as one word, occasionally it would be written as two until 1905, when the Vicar (Reverend A.F. Baker) pronounced that "It is more correct and best preserves the history of the name to write it now as one word - Eggbuckland!"
Currently Eggbuckland - Nothing to do with Eggs at all!

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