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  From: Brenda Howlett
Date: Wednesday 4th December 2019
Subject: Diston Family

Hi,has anyone got the name Diston in their family history,Eggbuckland.!y 4 X great grandfather is George Diston he lived Eggbuckland and Woolsford. I found that he rented some land from Lady Modisford.I am looking 1700 hundreds and was told that the Distons came over with the Normans.Would be glad to hear.

From: John Bailey
Date: Sunday 2nd December 2018
Subject: Eggbuckland school

I went there for the first two years of school then moved up to the brand new st Edwards school in Austin avenue and does anyone remember the outside toilets and Mrs busby

From: Colin
Date: Friday 24th August 2018
Subject: Good site

This is an a nice website and long may it continue to be updated. Before it closed, the post office in Eggbuckland was selling varous volumes of eggbuckland history books by Barry henderson will all sorts of photos in them. I thought it was fantastic- I'd love to see someone take up the reigns again on this.

From: sylvia lynch
Date: Saturday 17th March 2018
Subject: pike\'s

Hi my mother and father lived in a flat in downside avenue in late 1940s they were George and pamela pike

From: Roger Algate
Date: Tuesday 30th October 2012
Subject: Reply to Hazel Wadsworth re the Barnes family.

Charles Barnes who married Mary Anne Fosse had a daughter = Amelia (possibly other children. Amelia Barnes is my Grandmother. She married Earnest Algate and came to live at Linkety lane. They had three children, one being my father
- Fredderick Terrance Algate.
Hope this helps.

From: Ron Moses
Date: Friday 31st August 2012
Subject: Rev Peter Holmes

My grandfather, George Moses, was baptised by Peter Holmes in May, 1856, parish of Egg Buckland. Would that have been at St Edward's Church? Thanks, Ron Moses

From: Mr T Matthews
Date: Monday 2nd July 2012
Subject: Fancy Farm

My family lived at Fancy farm cottage Eggbuckland c1900.

I have been unable to locate Fancy farm on a map.
Can anyone identify its location for me?

Many thanks

From: Dorothy Gaunt
Date: Sunday 23rd October 2011
Subject: photos

As a person with an interest in Eggbuckland , but living in New Zealand, I would really appreciate it if you could add captions to your lovely photos.

From: Nicola Kingston
Date: Friday 3rd June 2011
Subject: Briggs family

My grandmother , Frances Briggs married my grandfather, Rev Patrick Clay, who she met as he was a curate,at EggBuckland church and she lived at Fursdon House. I would love to know more about when he was at the church as I think he was also a army chaplain sometime around 1916?
Any information would be great.

From: Suzan Reece
Date: Wednesday 9th March 2011
Subject: Sobey Family

Looking for any information on my family, know about Willima Thomas Sobey born 1834 in Egg Buckland Devon, in the 1871 census he is living at Rose Hill (farm) Egg Buckland and I believe he is buried in Egg Buckland.

From: Roger Algate
Date: Monday 24th January 2011
Subject: Linkety Lane

The spelling might be adrift, but my paternal grandparents lived there. I can remember only one visit to that house, although I have two other recollections of Eggbuckland. One was the shope, kept by a relative, and being given sherbet; the other walking there from Crownhill and passing a steam road roller parked up in a lay-by on the right as we went down the hill.

However, I can not locate Linkety on the Google Maps. Has anyone any info on the Algates of Linkety? I think they were called Ernest and Amelia.

From: April Short
Date: Thursday 12th August 2010
Subject: William L Short, school teacher

My husband's father was William Luscombe short, who taught at the school shortly after it was opened, before going to Oxford and then emmigrating to Canada.

He Lived at Rose Place, and I can no longer find it on the map. His father was Isaiah Short, Carpenter and mechanic.

Just wondering if any of the family still live there. I believe Isaiah's wife was Florence.
One more thing, William short, in addition to teaching in the Church school, also played the church organ, late 19th century.

From: Leslie Storey
Date: Wednesday 7th July 2010
Subject: Family Tree

My G Granddad Was John Stuttaford b 1831 in Eggbuckland, exactly 100 years before me! i am researching his daughter Emily Gertrude Stuttaford b 1885 in Lower Compton, m Richard John Moon (RN) any information will help

From: Margaret Pegley
Date: Tuesday 1st June 2010
Subject: Sanders Cottages

My grandfather Hiram Dainter was born at 3 Sanders cottages, Laira, Egg Buckland. Can anyone tell me if these cottages are still standing?

From: justine
Date: Wednesday 12th May 2010
Subject: Jagos of EggBuckland

Hello there,

I would be very grateful indeed to trace any information about my ancestors Robert William Alger Jago born in EggBuckland 1867 and his father John Cox Jago who was also born in EggBuckland in approx 1835. I do not have any addresses to give but am hoping the names may be familiar to someone out there! I would also like to learn who John Cox Jago's parents were and were they too born in EggBuckland. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

From: Hugh Lodge
Date: Monday 1st March 2010
Subject: Ann STUTTAFORD nee FOOT

One of my relations Ann Foot daughter of John Foot and Maria (both of who died in Eggbuckland) married Sampson Pote Stuttaford who died in 1839.

In 1851/61/71/81 at ages of 40/50/60/70 she was shown as Baker / Grocer.

In 1871 she is shown with her grandchildren from South Africa.

In 1891 at age 82 she was shown as a retired Grocer.

She died 29th August 1893 and is burried in the Churchyard.

She must have been a stoic woman, bringing up two surviving children of the five she gave birth to. They went on to found a huge department store and removals business in South Africa.

Is anyone aware where her Grocers Shop was? or has any memories [old photos] of her?

From: Hugh Lodge
Date: Saturday 27th February 2010
Subject: Tor Cottage

I have now seen two enquiries mentioning Tor Cottage.

My ancestors [STUTTAFORD] were there in 1841 census and I looked up the tithe maps and found it located at:-

Tor Cottage east of Stony Bridge on track to Longbridge, Eggbuckland.

I hope this helps.

From: Hugh Lodge
Date: Thursday 25th February 2010
Subject: Stuttaford Family

Like Hilary Bright above, I also have Stuttaford ancestors from Egg Buckland / Knackersknoll. [Can not find the link between Her and my Stuttafords]

They came from Dartmoor [Sampford Spiney / Meaver / walkhampton / Tavistock areas] in the early 1800's as masons and have migrated around the world as reknowned polititions in Africa and UK, and have left their mark in Canada, Australia as well.

If you have an interest in the Stuttaford family lines plase contact me.

From: Lynn Murphy
Date: Friday 29th January 2010

I have just started looking into my family tree and my great great grandad was born here in around 1853 so I found this site really interesting. Thank you.

From: wendy laver
Date: Friday 31st July 2009
Subject: Cox family

My grandfather Philip Cox born 1852 son of William and Ann (nee Bone) married Elizabeth Mary ....? 1881. I am hoping someone may know about this family
Thanking you in anticipation.

From: Trevor Hockenhull
Date: Tuesday 30th June 2009
Subject: Down Family

Hello there.

Seeking information of the birth of a George Down at Egg Buckland circa 1844-46, son of John and Mary.

Thanking you in anticipation

From: shirley
Date: Saturday 13th June 2009
Subject: lost family

I am trying to find any family in Eggbuckland belonging to,
William Henry COX born 1835
Emma Jane Cox (nee Pike)
born 1840
Son John 1861
Daughters Emma 1866, Harriet 1869.
Thank You,
Western Australia

From: Simon Oaten
Date: Wednesday 27th May 2009
Subject: Widey Lodge

I wonder if anyone can help at all. I have been tracing an family from Eggbuckland and find repeated references to Widey Lodge. Does anyone know about this establishment. What and where it was for example?

Simon Oaten

From: Dawn Wheeler
Date: Tuesday 5th May 2009
Subject: Bluebird Hotel

I am looking for any information or pictures of the pub.I know that it was a tea shop in 1802. Thank You

From: John Morgan
Date: Sunday 19th April 2009
Subject: Eggbuckland Keep

During WW11 the Keep was used as a radio communications and war command headquarters. My parents met at the Keep in 1941 when my father was a radio telecommunications officer with the Royal Navy and my mother was a Wren in Signals Distribution.

From: Paul Featherstone
Date: Sunday 12th April 2009
Subject: Down family history

I'm trying to find anything about my wife's ancestors who I believe to be this family in 1841

1841 census HO107/240/15/6
Buckland Down, Egg Buckland, Devon
John Down 25 ag lab y
Mary Down 25 y
Elizabeth Down 7 y
Thomas Down 4 y
John Down 2 y

From: Hilary Bright
Date: Sunday 1st March 2009
Subject: Stuttaford/Hosking/Ledden

My 5 x gt. grandmother was Mary Stuttaford from Egg Buckland. Her son James Hosking was also born here, his daughter Sophia Hosking and several of Sophia's children. Sophia married Charles Ledden and their sons William and Herbert Ledden worked for William Spurrell who had at least two farms in this village: Fullaford Farm and Birdcage Farm. This was in the mid 1800's. William turned out to be quite a character with a number of wives! He was my gt. x 2 grandfather. I would love to know where those two farms were and anything about these 3 families.
Kind regards,

From: Grahame Down
Date: Sunday 1st February 2009
Subject: Sarah Down.

Your notice board shows Grdon Hawking ( )enquiring about Sarah Down. An email to that email address was not successful. Could Gordon or anyone else with an interest in Sarah Down who was born in Knackers Knowle in 1788-1791 please contact me.

From: Grahame DOWN
Date: Sunday 1st February 2009
Subject: Down family

My ancestors Thomas Down and Lydia Broadmead had 7 childrenborn in Eggbuckland. Frances b. 1814, John 1816, William 1820, Thomas 1822, James 1824 Elizabeth 1828 and Arabella 1830. seeking information of their families or ancestors.

From: Vicki
Date: Sunday 9th November 2008
Subject: Dawe Family History

My son has a class history project with very little time to prepare. I know that his great grandfather was born in Eggbuckland. His name was Henry Dawe, and he shows up on the 1881 census as the son of Sampson and 8 yrs. old. I know that he came to the U.S. in late 1800's or very early 1900's, but cannot find records. He was supposedly one of about 20 children in the family. He was married in England, but I do not know anything else. Any information, pictures, weblinks, etc. would be helpful as my son's project is due November 25th. Thank you for any assistance.

Date: Thursday 18th September 2008
Subject: eggbuckland

if anyone out there remembers me or my my brother dick sisters maisie and pat would love to hear from you , pat would really love to hear from fernley parker , care of my email address , teresa

From: Virginia Shemeliuk
E-mail: OR
Date: Tuesday 16th September 2008
Subject: ROGERS + Eggbuckland update

I just wanted to update the email address I used in my 2005 post above. It was absolutely amazing this morning - the email address from 2005 was outdated and I was absolutely AMAZED that an intrepid reader of the messages managed to track me down through my boss who is a Member of Parliament here in Canada!! Don't know how she found me via my boss but I'm hoping she can add something to the information I have on my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Jane Rogers born in Eggbuckland in 1865!

From: Janice Stuart
Date: Monday 25th August 2008
Subject: Weetman Family

I am looking for any information on John Weetman, born 1787 died 1842. He rented the Bircham Mill from Thomas Briggs in 1839. John Weetman had a son Charles WeetmanJohn Weetman is buried in the Churchyard at Eggbuckland along with Charles' son Edward Lavis. Any information on the Weetman family or Bircham Mill would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Shane Austin
Date: Saturday 8th March 2008
Subject: Origins of Austin Farm School

My Great Grandfather (x 6) was Thomas Austin, a farmer and resident of Buckland Monachorum, Devon. I am in the process of examining my family history and have identified that both of Thomas sons; William Honey Austin and John Honey Austin (my direct ancestor) left England to travel to Australia in 1862 and 1858 respectively. I have also found that there are West Devon Records of the gift of land belonging to a Thomas Austin of Buckland Monachorum parish to the church for the building of a school in 1858 (details below). This is apparently now the Austin Farm School in Eggbuckland. I am unable to be sure of whether this is the same Thomas Austin as my ancestor as I do not know the actual location of my relatives property. However, given the lack of details regarding any other Thomas Austin of the time in the region I suspect there may be a link. Do you have any information about how Austin Farm School came to be founded or regarding the schools name sake? Any information ywould be greatly appreciated.

1 Sir Massey Lopes of Maristow
2 Minister and Churchwardens of Buckland Monachorum
Thomas Austin's Garden upon trust for building a school thereon for the education of the labouring, manufacturing and other poor classes, in the parish of Buckland Monachorum

From: Peter Fitzsimmons
Date: Thursday 31st January 2008
Subject: Joe Townsend

I am a great grandson of Joe Townsend who used to be I believe a farmer and smithy in Eggbuckland. He would have worked Doidges Farm. Any information on him or his family and farm and smithy woulf be very much appreciated.

Kindest Regards
Peter Fitzsimmons

From: maureen lucas nee collings
Date: Saturday 12th January 2008
Subject: Symons Family

What a brilliant site I have just found it Has anyone any info on the Symons family who lived at Eggbuckland in1800sand also the jordon family who lived at Doidges ?

From: Christian Corbet
Date: Thursday 10th January 2008
Subject: Sry, King & Drake Families

Hello, I am looking for any information of the Spry, King or Drake families of Eggbuckland of the 1700's0late 1800's. I would be most appreciative of any information and can offer some on some of their descendants as well. Thank you
Christian Corbet

From: Hazel Wadsworth (nee Barnes)
E-mail: NO EMAIL
Date: Sunday 25th November 2007
Subject: Barnes Family

My Grandfather Charles Richard Barnes was born, one of 13 children in Eggbuckland in 1870; his father (also Charles) having married Mary Ann Foss there in 1867. His sister Ellen, ran the local store in the early 30's (now the chip shop).
Does anyone know of these families ?.

From: Brian Flory
Date: Sunday 18th November 2007
Subject: James Family name

I am researching my James ancestors. Thomas James b: 1798 Egg Buckland married a Mary Soper from Knackersknowle in 1812

From: Sam Tucker
Date: Sunday 2nd September 2007
Subject: Widey Court etc

I am researching the Anderson Morshead family who were related to the Yonge family of Puslinch Yealmpton.Rev John Anderson Morshead lived at Widey Court from at least 1815 and remained there after he married Alethea Yonge. Other members of the Anderson Morsheadfamily were born there and later lived in Brixton and Yealmpton, the family were related to the famous 18th C writer Charlotte Yonge of Otterborne, Hampshire. I also remember as a child that the farmhouse that was on the left of the road going down the steep hill past fort austin used to have a white cart horse which would always be in the field. 30 years later well after the horse should have passed it was seen again ,so it was remember'd in my family as the "Ghost Horse"!

From: Christine Barnes
Date: Friday 17th August 2007
Subject: Home Park Cottages Eggbuckland

My great-grandparents John and Eliza Mills lived at number 1 Home Park Cottages in 1901.Can anyone help me to locate which cottage it was as the name of the street has changed as Frogmore Ave.There are two sets of Cottages with the Mermaid pub in between.I believe the first set may have been Austin Cottages.Can anyone help me establish which cottage would have been no.1 thanks Chris

From: Christine Barnes
Date: Thursday 9th August 2007
Subject: Eggbuckland Cottages 1901

Hello i have just discovered that my great-great grandparents on my mums side lived at 1 Home Park Cottages Eggbuckland in 1901.They were John and Eliza Mills they had four children Alfred,Edith,Kathleen and Sydney.I believe that Alfred died in an accident in the gas works.I am trying to establish which cottages were Home Park Cottages as the whole Road is now called Frogmore Avenue where i actually live myself.My dad said he thought that 2 cottages were demolished and replaced with the Mermaid Pub.Can anyone help me on finding out where exactly number 1 Home Park Cottages was situated?Thanks

From: Jim Taylor
Date: Sunday 29th July 2007
Subject: Taylor family

I am trying to get information on a Samuel George Taylor born in Eggbuckland about 1828 and living in Stoke Demeral 1851 can anybody help ?
Thanks in anticipation

From: CDC
Date: Monday 9th July 2007
Subject: Forts

Your site says " the mid 1800's a string of fortifications were built through Plymouth. These 'Palmerston Follies' were to prevent the feared invasion of the French. Five of the forts are within our parish, these being Crownhill Fort, Bowden Battery (currently the Plymouth Garden Centre), Eggbuckland Keep, Austin Fort and Efford Fort"

Actually you are forgetting another one- Forder Battery (where the BT mast is situated). These forts are still tremendously interesting. The closed off parts of the Garden Centre and Whiteways have all sorts of hidden secrets.

Date: Wednesday 30th May 2007


From: David Jones
Date: Saturday 10th March 2007
Subject: Marriage 1836

Looking for the surname of Sarah who married Nicholas Stoneman at Eggbucklad in 1836

From: Robert Lethbridge
Date: Monday 18th December 2006
Subject: Family history

Looking for information on ancestor John Lethbridge born 1757 in Eggbuckland.

From: Toni Lawrence
Date: Sunday 10th December 2006
Subject: Shops

This isn't exactly a comment or memory more of a question, were there any shops in eggbuckland in the 1930's and if there were what shops were there, thank you.

From: Angela Johnson
Date: Monday 13th November 2006
Subject: Parnells at Knackers Knowle

I am researchin the history of a lady calld Laetitia Parnell, who lived most of her life in and around Exeter. She was however born in Knackers Knolle, Stonehouse in about 1799/1800 and I was wondering who her parents might have been. By 1820 she was in Exeter and in 1823 she married Robert Pattinson, gentleman. In 1871, Laetitia was living at Topsham with 3 unmarried daughters; her son Robert had died aged 19 in 1851' I don't know what happened to her son William, born c.1834.
If anybody knows anything about a Parnell family in Stonehouse at the turn of the 18/19 century, I would be delighted to hear from them.

From: Michael Starmer-Smith
Date: Tuesday 31st January 2006
Subject: Eggbuckland - Frogmore House

My grandfather (Benjamin Clifton) lived in Frogmore House for many years and worked the associated farm with dairy (Clifton Dairies). With three daughters unwilling to take on the farm (one of which is my mother) the business didn't survive. I have many happy memories of days spent on the farm as a young child, which is now surrounded by a housing estate. I think the farm may have been compulsory purchased but that may just be a family rumour and may not be true? My grandfather inherited the farm from his uncle William Rowe, with whom he lived for many years to work on the farm. My greatgrandfather was a farmer on Colbrook Farm at Sheepstor. The Rowes built Frogmore House to live in around the turn of the 20th century when my grandfather moved into the farm. I'd be very curious to hear any other snipppits of information, perhaps even an uptodate picture of Frogmore House. Regards.

From: Gordon Hawking
Date: Sunday 1st January 2006
Subject: Early resident

Sarah Down was born in Knackers Knowle in 1788-1791 and I wonder how to obtain a copy the early church record
Her father was Thomas Down, mother not known.
Any assistance would be appreciated

From: Evelyn Brewer (nee Dalton)
Date: Saturday 10th December 2005
Subject: Doidge's Farm

This is the second time I have contacted this site- in the hope that anyone who tried to contact me previously will use my new email address with any further information.Can anyone tell me where Torr cottage was as my great grandmother Sarah-Jane Rogers' mother was housekeeper there? Sarah-Jane lived in Doidge's farm before she married George Dalton and had a son called William Dalton who then lived in Compton. Sarah-Jane is buried in Eggbuckland churchyard.

From: Evelyn
Date: Wednesday 9th November 2005
Subject: Doidge\'s Farm

My great grandmother was Sarah Jane Rogers who's parents were at Doidge's farm in the 1850's onwards I think.I grew up in Compton and we often walked across the path fields to EGGBUCKLAND and past the farm as children in the 1950's but had no idea then that it had any connection with us. I would love to hear any information about the Rogers family or the farm.

From: Christine Blackaller
Date: Friday 29th July 2005
Subject: drinking fountain

At present myself and a couple of other interested parties are trying to apply for a heritage lottery grant to re-erect the drinking fountain in the village, possibly within the church grounds near the entrance perhaps. This will avoid the mess of planning permission etc. Any comments let me know.

From: Virginia Shemeliuk
Date: Saturday 23rd July 2005
Subject: Rogers in Eggbuckland

My great-grandmother was a Mary Ann Jane ROGERS born in Eggbuckland.

1) Do any descendents still live in the area?
2) Does anyone know whether there was also a family called PICKIN in the area?
3) Or a place called Compton Gifford?

I find it absolutely amazing that the places where my British ancestors used to live a hundred or more years ago are still alive and thriving! Here in Canada in the rural areas, small towns from the 1800's have completely died out and the buildings have crumbled back into the earth so that only rubble is left.

From: Shirley
Date: Tuesday 14th June 2005
Subject: great/grandparents from EggBuckland

What a great site. My Great/greatgrandfather was born in EggBuckland in 1811,I think all the family stayed there except my Grandfather who came to Australia. G/G/Grandfather lived at TOR COTTAGE in 1851,G/Grandfather lived at MILL COTTAGE in 1881.

From: Mick Bussey
Date: Thursday 28th April 2005
Subject: Eggbuckland 1956 - 1961

Is Queenie Hill related to the Hill family that ran the newspaper delivery sevice in the village and later the shop in Austin farm?

From: Colin C
Date: Saturday 19th March 2005
Subject: Conservation Area ?

I wasn't very happy when I found out that the Tin House had been pulled down. They've also done a pretty bad job of converting the Smithy outside the Prince Maurice. I think it's about time that the Council made the village a Conservation Area and stopped the history being messed around with. Unfortunately, quite a lot of damage has already been done over the last 15 years.

It would be really good to restore some of the history (like the drinking trough outside the Fish & Chip shop) and put up some interpretation signs to make people aware of the history of the area. There are all sorts of things that could be pointed out- and not just in the village itself.

This website is very good work. Keep it going ! I also like the recent series of photo/history books that are being sold in the Post Office.

From: Mary
Date: Tuesday 15th February 2005
Subject: Eggbuckland in 1914-18 War

My greatgrandfather stayed in Eggbuckland during the 1st world war. Does anyone know where he could have stayed as I used to live in Eggbuckland.

From: Jim Bishop
Date: Wednesday 2nd February 2005
Subject: 4 & 5 Hayes Place

i hope some people could help me solve a problem. we live at 4 hayes place,eggbuckland (the big pink house in the field). we have just rennovated the interior and the property has been in thr family for over 30 years and have most knowledge on it. i believe 2 farmers had it at the end of the century but dont know and cant understnad why it was built. The whole plot Hayes Place and Rose Cottages were built in 1865 and this was the only detached building? i knew it was bomb damaged at the rear and had a new roof and internal walls. Any clues would be great.

From: Michele Phare
Date: Friday 21st January 2005
Subject: Eggbuckland childhood

My grandparents Flo (Flossie) and Reg Hooper lived all their married lives at Moorfield Ave (1925? to 1978?. My father (Reg, but also known as Ernie)was born in Moorfield Ave and went to school with Dickie Saunders (Moorfield Ave) Fearnley Parker, John Cheeseman? (and a few others than I can see in my mind but cannot put a name to them). I can remember catching a bus at the top of Moorfield Ave and there were just field behind the bus stop. My gran used to work in the shops at the top of Moorfield Ave and also did cleaning work in the pub( I can remember this being built). I have a few old photos taken when my father was about 7 years old playing with Dickie Saunders in the snow, sliding down Bloomball Hill on a home made sledge. There was also a little path that used to run from the waste ground at the bottom of Moorfield Ave along and up the hill to what used to be the prefabs at Deer Park. There was a small stream and my gran used to walk me there to feed the ducks that were always there when I used to stay with her at weekends. I can also remember walking up and down Goosewell Hill before all the houses were built, to catch the bus from the bottom of the lane into Primary school in St Judes (we used to live in Cardigan Road). Dickie Saunders emigrated to America many years ago. Fearnley Parker was a painter and decorator (I think)

From: John Macpherson
Date: Friday 21st January 2005
Subject: eggbucklandhistoryproject

Well done I logged on and found it very interesting.Must visit both the church , and the 350 year old Inn. Thank you John

From: David Stoyle
Date: Friday 7th January 2005
Subject: Widey Mills

Very nice site - well done! I would like to ask if anyone knows where the Widey Mills were siutated exactly? They are mentioned in a family.


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