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Below is a list of random facts about Eggbuckland's Past!

  • Eggbuckland Keep and Bowden Battery were the last forts to be built in the UK.

  • In 1851 there was a reservoir at Crownhill.

  • Widey Court was built by the Yeoman Hale during the Elizabethan prosperity.

  • Eggbuckland appears on John Spry's plot of Drake's Leat in 1547.

  • There were saltworks in the Forder valley until Medieval times, this flowed onto an alluvial meadow 1/4 of a mile from the church.

  • Eggbuckland is claimed to have been a Domesday settlement at the head of the Plym creek.

  • Eggbuckland was originally the third largest estate in Plymouth.

  • In 1896 part of Eggbuckland Civil parish was added to Charles Civil parish.

  • The Prince Maurice Pub is over 350 years old.

  • In 1281 the manor of Eggbuckland was owned by Robert Gyffard.

  • The first part of the present church was built in 1430.

  • The church's registers date from 1653.

  • King Charles stayed in Widey Court in 1644.

  • The church was enlarged in 1864 at the cost of 1,800.

  • During 1850 there were 1297 residents in the parish of Knackersknowle(Crownhill and Eggbuckland).

  • Sir Francis Drake built two corn mills at Widey in 1590.

  • The church clock is rewound twice a week.

  • The clock in the church tower was installed in 1901.

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